We are an Auckland based fitness, health & wellness studio.

Our private and exclusive Fit Studio offers world class equipment and expert trainers.


We are an Auckland based fitness, health & wellness studio.

Our private and exclusive Fit Studio offers world class equipment and expert trainers.





Karina is an extremely well qualified and experienced physiotherapist, as well as a personal trainer. I know that she is very well respected by colleagues and clients alike.
As a former medical practitioner who has experienced breast cancer, has bilateral hip joint replacements and has osteoporosis, I feel that I am able to comment both personally and professionally.
I have found Karina to be an incredibly dedicated, enthusiastic, loyal, and motivating trainer. She is always cheerful, smiles warmly and readily, and is very welcoming to me and to everyone in the gym. Her energy is infectious ,as is her enthusiasm. Each session that we do is well planned and thought out, and no two sessions are ever the same. We train 3 times each week, for an hour, and she is always punctual. She encourages me to achieve appropriately. She demonstrates each exercise very clearly and confirms that I perform them appropriately. She keeps to time admirably. She is also very open to input from me and respects my knowledge. Anne
have been especially impressed with the vigour, enthusiasm and vibrancy with which you and all the instructors have lead our classes. I have found you all to be highly professional! Your energy is infectious and you have the ability to extract that extra ounce of effort or extra rep out of me (even at 39 weeks pregnant). As well as your high octane delivery, your choreography and choice of music really adds to the buzz of your classes.
An added bonus for me is your background as a physiotherapist and your ability to apply the physiological needs of pregnancy and post pregnancy and individually in class. I personally never experienced any pain during pregnancy but when I experienced pain post natally, I found you easy to discuss this with and your recommendations for treatment/followup were greatly appreciated. Michelle O
Karina is fantastic, words can not explain how much it has meant for me to have her as a personal trainer over the last year, she really has changed my life! Karina doesn’t just go through the motions but she invests her time, energy and effort in you and you know that she is interested and really cares about you and your goals.
She is always organised and has planned the sessions so they are very specific to me and what my goals are and how I am feeling that day! She will always motivate you with her bubbly charismatic attitude its absolutely infectious and its hard to not get pumped up and excited about exercise when you are around her. Karina is not only helping me lose weight and get fit but she invests the time to help educate me on my body and how it works through nutrition as well as through exercise. Jess
Karina Balle has been my personal trainer for the last 18 months. I really enjoy the sessions we have together. At a macro level she keeps me energized and enthused about training. I feel that she really cares about my general health and takes an active interest in my fitness and well being – which is something you don’t get from a lot trainers.
She has a huge amount of knowledge and experience. I feel very safe in her hands. I know that she is not going to get me to do dangerous, complex routines that will cause injury. I like the way she takes a holistic view to training. It’s not just about pumping weights. She prescribes a range of activities that work to keep me in shape. Andrew
Since starting the personal training sessions with Karina I have achieved all the standard goals that you set, such as weight loss and increased fitness. However the single most important thing that Karina has done for me is that she has changed that way I think about exercise. Previously I would and could find every excuse under the sun as to why I couldn’t exercise. I would even loath taking our dog for a walk. I now look forward to my sessions with Karina. And want to get out and about with our son and dog. Kylie
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